Egypt Tourism Authority

(Portal, 360 panoramas and Trip Planner)
Awarded at ITB 2010 & Egyptian Web Awards 2010
Work began on the account, for RMG Connect and the digital creative team, this meant the start of an 18 month project to launch a new ETA website with content and functionality relevant to today’s independent travelers.
We wanted the site to be highly engaging and inspiring enough to convert site visitors to actual tourists of Egypt.
The team went out to shoot multiple attractions as 360 degree panoramas. We turned them into detailed interactive experiences. All twenty 360s were linked together, so once inside, the user could explore a large portion of Egypt’s main attractions without ever coming out of a rich full screen experience.
I participated in the development of content for approximately 2000 attractions across Egypt, the creation of interactive maps and a trip planner to help users build their own itinerary. As the site continues to develop we aim to add a lot more rich and interactive components.
360 Panorama..
by hossam

Egyptian Tourism Authority


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